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Penalties for using math without a license

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    Yes, you can be fined by the government for using math.

    In Oregon, Mats Jarlstrom used mathematical equations to argue to the government that the state’s yellow lights should last longer before cutting to red. He was promptly hit with a $500 fine for the “practice of engineering” without a license.

    It turns out that there are hundreds of professions that must be licensed by State governments before you can perform them. In Atlanta, a single mother was fined for braiding hair in her home to make money to pay the rent – but she didn’t have a cosmetology license.

    A few professions need mandatory licensing, but cutting hair? Barbers? Realtors? Florists? Plumbers? Athletic Trainers? Massage Therapists? The BLS says “Occupational licensing directly affects nearly 30 percent of U.S. workers today and continues to grow in density and scope.” We need deregulation of these professions so that people can use their skills to increase their income, without the permission of those they are competing with.


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